Flower Skyhoundz European Champion

Flower Power, also known as Mrs. Floffins, is the new Skyhoundz European Champion.

There is nothing more to say beside the obvious: italian discdog is growing! And I’m really happy to see it growing in the mood I was dreaming for: both on the tecnical side: first and second place on the Open Expert class (second place Diego Marchetti e Sammie Boy) and both on the spirit of the game: the mutual support on the field and all the italians under our tent with a lot of jokes and smiles.

The best compliment that me and Flower received is not about our tricks but about our smiles on the field. In the first round Flower was perfect, and I just did 2 small mistakes, we reached all the audience and the players, they all loved us!

On the distance field we tried to our work, but only 3 out of 4 throws were into the last zone, one out of bounce.. 15 points.. is not too much but luckily it’s enough to keep me and Flower at the top ranking for the first day. Sunday, for the second round, we enter the field and we are literally submerged by the cheering of the crowd. I have to admit, I was totally excited.. the beginning of the routine was a frisbee hell.. then I go back to some good throws.. Flower is trying her best to catch my trash.. the schema of the routine is not perfect, I got some problems on the collecting the discs but I manage to keep some kind of flow on the routine. At the end of the routine, all the crowd is cheering again and they make us hope for a big result.

Flower after 2 years together, playing, walking and having fun… is the Skyhoundz European Champion.. I’m telling her and repeating.. but she doesn’t care so much.. she just want to play another bit :)

Thanks are obligatory and there are many.. there are a lot of people who spent a time and energy for us, but first of all, I have to give maximum credit to Super Ciccio Spike. If Flower is with me, is thanks to him. If Flower is playing so good, is because he is such a good big brother with her.

Besides Spike, I have to give thanks to Jochen Schleicher for bringing me to the discdog sport and for teaching me the right fundations and the right spirit. Julia Zimmermann for helping us with little advices that helped us a lot and for being one of the first to trust on Flower capabilities. And then.. you all should know, the big quality step was made thanks to Lawrence Frederick who really humiliated me for full days and pushed me to give my best in order to let the champion, who was inside Flower, get out of that lovely little red border collie.

There are many many other people who helped us, giving us suggestions and ideas in order to understand and love our dogs. They are so many that I’m sure I’ll forget someone.. please do not hurt yourself.. if you even only spent few minutes with me talking about me and Flower, without the will to indoctrinate or get something back, you deserve to appear on this list.

So.. many many thanks to all the people I forgot plus: Laura Cà Nina, Ilaria & Mike Skadog, Carlo & Anna Nuvole Rosse, Sven & Nina Dogrockers, Stefy Zamboni, Roberto Trombetti, Michelle Thomas, Frank Funke, Bjorn Tigges, Michele Balla Con I Lupi, Maurizio Romanoni, my father, my mother, my granfather, my granmother,

And of course, thanks to all the people who support us on the fields :)

Flower on the first video of training on discdog:

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