We will host the 2020 UFO World CUP Finals

We have been working on this project for a long time and now everything is finally confirmed and official, we are really proud to announce that the UFO World CUP World Championship Finals will be held in Italy, precisely in the already tested location of Casalborsetti, Ravenna. After so many years of commitment to the promotion of this format, the Hard Disc Dogs ASD has received this invitation with honor and responsibility and has put in place extraordinary strengths and energy to make this event possible.
More detailed information will arrive later, for now we invite you all to mark the dates on the calendar:

30-31 May 2020 Cheicabigul UFO Major Qualifier – Casal Borsetti
2-4 October 2020 UFO World CUP Finals – Casal Borsetti

The complete UFO 2020 schedule is still in progress, but here you can  find the events with confirmed dates: UFO 2020 World Cup Schedule

Cheicabigul UFO Major Qualifier, towards the 12th edition, is one of the events that will be organised during the season where the teams earn valid points to obtain the qualification for the UFO World CUP Finals finals. To take part in the World Championships, 85 points are required, and the points of a team are made up of the two best results in the UFO Major qualifying races and the two best results at the UFO Local.Here you can find the points table for the Major Qualifiers and here the points for the Local Qualifiers.

UFO World CUP Finals, the UFO World Championship Finals are at the 20th edition, and the only World Disc Dog Final that takes place in Europe in alternate years. In fact, this change from Europe to the USA began in 2014, with the first historic World Cup final hosted in St. Gallen, Switzerland in 2014, and then in Duisburg, Germany in 2016 and in Houtigehage, Holland in 2018. We are truly deeply honored to have received this position and we will do our best to make the 2020 final a memorable event. Here you can find all the formers champions!

Videoclip from Cheicaibigul Disc Dog CUP UFO Major Qualifier 2019